About Us

Founded in 2018 by former BBC commissioner Tim Green, Hall of Mirrors is an independent television production company based in Cardiff. We prize excellent storytelling and innovative use of technology to realise ambitious projects. The team has made films and series all over the world, delivering adventure, specialist factual, popular factual, drama-documentaries, access documentaries, history and children’s series.


We produce and co-produce original content for broadcasters in the UK and around the world.

The Team

Tim Green - CEO and Executive Producer

Tim has been a director, Series Producer, Executive Producer and a commissioning executive for the BBC. He was director and Series Producer of Stephen Fry’s Last Chance To See (6x60' BBC Two) which shot all around the world, The Secrets of Scott’s Hut (1x 90' BBC Two) shot in the Antarctic and access series inside The Royal Botanic Garden’s, Kew, The Royal Palaces and The Natural History Museum. 


Tim was Exec Producer of Dan Snow and Sarah Parcak’s Rome's Lost Empire (1x90' BBC One), and many films and series including Leaving Amish Paradise (3x60' BBC Two), The Twins of Twin Towers (1x60' BBC One) and the globally popular series The Call Centre (6x60' BBC Three). He recently made England's Forgotten Queen: The Life and Death of Lady Jane (3x60’ BBC Four) and a drama doc series Revolutions: The Story of Six Remarkable Inventions (6x60’ PBS).